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Ally Database

Allyship for women in engineering is important, no matter your gender.

There is room for all identities and all sexual orientations in our mission.

OSU SWE believes that black lives matter.

SWE’s strategic goals and values are centered around Diversity and Inclusion.  While we have continually strived to create an inclusive environment for all, we recognize there is always room for improvement.  We thank everyone who has already reached out to us with ideas on how to grow.  With this in mind, our officers have been brainstorming initiatives, both immediate and long-term, to support the Black Lives Matter movement and strengthen our Diversity & Inclusion efforts as a whole.

As these initiatives get set in motion, we will keep the section updated through our social media platforms.

We value the voices of our members and encourage all to get involved in the conversation.  If you have any ideas or thoughts on how SWE can grow, please do not hesitate to reach out to us on any of our social media platforms. 

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