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Wellness Resources

OSU believes in supporting its students in all aspects of wellness.

We urge everyone to emphasize taking care of their health, but we realize it can be easy to get lost in work. There are many aspects to wellness and SWE wants to ensure you're aware of the resources OSU has to support you.



Emotional Wellness Resources


Career Wellness Resources


Social Wellness Resources

Spiritual Wellness Resources


Physical Wellness Resources


Financial Wellness Resources

Intellectual Wellness Resources


Creative Wellness Resources


Environmental Wellness Resources

COVID and Other General Resources

Even though the pandemic is over, some might feel more comfortable with having access to these COVID resources as well. After all, SWE aims to create an atmosphere where all feel comfortable and welcomed.

General Ohio State Mental Health, Wellness, and COVID-19 Resources:

Resources for Financial Management, Wellness, and Programs:


"I've honestly never felt more lonely than I have during this pandemic. It's hard to stay connected with others, and it's hard to stay motivated when you have a bunch of responsibilities weighing down on you but no energy to do them. But something that really helped me when times got tough (and still does) was writing. It didn't matter what, where, or how I wrote, I just...wrote. Sometimes when I felt brave, I would allow some of my friends to read it and I realized that I'm not the only one feeling this way. Writing isn't for everyone, but there is a healthy way to cope for everyone. It's not a cure for what I was feeling, but it does make each day a bit better. You're not alone in this, remember that." - An Ohio State SWE Student

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