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SWE Officers

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Major: Biological Engineering, Business Minor

Graduation Date: May 2025

Favorite SWE Memory: Attending WE22 in Houston, Texas! This was my very first SWE Conference as well as my first interaction with OSU SWE leadership. I left that trip with many amazing connections with both our members as well as with industry partners. WE22 truly launched my leadership journey in OSU SWE and my early professional journey! 

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Major: Mechanical Engineering major with an Environment Economy Development and Sustainability minor

Graduation Date: December 2025

Favorite SWE Memory: SWE Fashion Show! 

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Kelsey Heacock

Big-Little Director

Contact Kelsey if you would like to become a Big or a Little, have any questions about the program, or need help getting more involved with our section!

Major: Mechanical Engineering Major, Music Minor, Entertainment Design & Technology Minor

Graduation Date: December 2025

Favorite SWE Memory: Traveling to LA for WE23 national conference!

IMG_3198 - Gabie Gilmore.jpeg

Major: Environmental Engineering

Graduation Date: May 2026

Favorite SWE Memory: First SWE Retreat. I got to bond with so many of my fellow SWEsters, experience nature, and get to know myself. I remember falling in love with Camp Akita and SWE that day, and it directly led to me wanting to become the Special Events Director!


Major: Mechanical Engineering major, Humanitarian Engineering Minor

Graduation Date: May 2026

Favorite SWE Memory: WE23 Los Angeles! This was my first National SWE conference, and while I was overwhelmed at first, I was so happy to connect and network with so many people, and also get to bond with my fellow SWE members, who are now some of my best friends.


Major: Biological Engineering / Biomedical Engineering

Graduation Date: May 2025

Favorite SWE Memory: WE23 where I got to become a lot closer with our section's SWE members as well as experience SWE from a larger perspective!


Major: Food, Agricultural, and Biological Engineering / Science and Engineering in the Public Interest

Graduation Date: May 2027

Favorite SWE Memory: Being able to hand out swag that my chair and I designed to some incredibly sweet members and directors who were so supportive and excited to wear their new garments! 


Madeline Phillips

Outreach Director

Contact Maddie concerning any information or questions regarding outreach events or any questions about working part-time as a student or getting involved on campus outside of SWE!

Major: Mechanical Engineering Major, Humanitarian Engineering Minor 

Graduation Date: May 2026

Favorite SWE Memory: Bonding my fellow SWE members by seeing Cirque du Soleil and exploring Las Vegas together at WE24. I made so many great memories with people I didn't know very well before the conference which has made me feel even more valued and connected within SWE.


Major: Computer Science Engineering

Graduation Date: May 2027

Favorite SWE Memory: Going to WE Local Conference in Las Vegas. I made new friends within SWE, strengthened current friendships, and made connections with members from other SWE sections. 

SWE Website Pic.jpg

Major: Biomedical Engineering / Spanish 

Graduation Date: Fall 2026

Favorite SWE Memory: This past national conference in Los Angeles. I remember getting dinner in downtown LA with some of my favorite SWEple, and I just felt so loved and at home with the amazing community I have within SWE. I realized the amazing and supportive community we have here and I love all of the adventures, memories, and connections I have had from being in SWE!


Major: Computer Science / Business 

Graduation Date: May 2027

Favorite SWE Memory: I loved doing the jewelry making event that Sammy organized! I got to make a pair of disco earrings and a keychain. It was super cool!


Major: Chemical Engineering / Environmental Engineering (Minor)

Graduation Date: December 2026

Favorite SWE Memory: Going to WE23 Los Angeles- such an amazing opportunity to experience the community and true capabilities of women in engineering! 


Major: Industrial and Systems Engineering

Graduation Date: May 2025

Favorite SWE Memory: Recharge retreat! I had such a fun time bonding with SWE members and being able to take time away from academics. We got to paint, journal, hike, watch movies, and do yoga! 


Major: Aerospace Engineering/Astronomy & Astrophysics

Graduation Date: May 2025

Favorite SWE Memory: Engineering Ball 2023! 


Abby Pollauf

Conference Director

Contact Abby with all matters related to conference, book recommendations, and study abroad.

Major: Aerospace Engineering

Graduation Date: May 2025

Favorite SWE Memory: WE Local 2024! It was so much fun to take on Vegas with everyone from exploring the area, to conference, and going to a Cirque du Soleil show!


Major: Chemical Engineering Major / Pharmaceutical Sciences Minor

Graduation Date: May 2026

Favorite SWE Memory: WE23 Conference in LA! It was my first conference, and I had an amazing time with my SWEsters. I felt like it was a true bonding experience that brought me closer to OSU SWE & Societal SWE members. I also landed my dream internship and explored the city!


Major: Mechanical Engineering with Minor in Social Psychology and Personality

Graduation Date: May 2025

Favorite SWE Memory: My ELAP group watching Mamma Mia together in Sammy's apartment after banquet last year.

Not sure who to ask? Please email with any general questions!

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